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All the pictures you see on this site were taken by me or my daughter, who started taking pictures when she was 9. We started taking pictures of D.C. about 2 years ago, and late last year, we decided to put them up on a website.

The information you see about the monuments and memorials came from Various sources. We started with Wikipedia, then added information as we came across it.

We've used several cameras over the last 2 years, from a 6 meg pixel point and shoot, to a 8 meg pixel DSLR. When we asked people to guess which picture was taken with which camera, most people can't tell the difference between the point and shoot and the DSLR.

We've had a lot of fun seeing the sites of Washington D.C., and we continue to visit as often as we can. As we get new pictures, we will be added them to this site.

About Us

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View from the Capitol Building


About Us

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