DC War Memorial
The District of Columbia War Memorial commemorates the citizens of the District of Columbia who served in World War I. The memorial stands in West Potomac Park slightly off of Independence Ave in a grove of trees.

Authorized by an act of Congress on June 7, 1924, funds to construct the memorial were provided by the contributions of both organizations and individual citizens of the District. Construction of the memorial began in the spring of 1931, and the memorial was dedicated by President Herbert Hoover on Nov 11, 1931 (Armistice Day).

It was the first war memorial to be erected in West Potomac Park, and remains the only local District memorial on the National Mall.

Designed by Washington architect Fredeirck H Brooke, with Horace W. Peaslee and Nathan C. Wyeth as associate architects, the District of Columbia War Memorial is in the form of a 47 foot tall circular, domed, peristyl Doric temple. Resting on concrete foundations, the 4 foot high marble base defines a platform, 43 feet in diameter, intended for use as a bandstand.

DC War Memorial Preserved in the cornerstone of the District of Columbia World War Memorial is a list of 26,000 Washingtonians who served in the Great War. Inscribed on the base are the names of the 499 District of Columbia citizens who lost their lives in the war, together with medallions representing the branches of the armed forces. Twelve 22 foot tall fluted Doric marble columns support the entablature and dome.

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The District of Columbia War Memorial

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DC War Memorial


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